C for Custom

Individually designed and created

C for CROSSSTITCH provides a unique and exclusive art piece tailored exactly to your requirements.

We work collaboratively with you at each stage to ensure we capture your (or your loved ones) pride and joy perfectly down to the finest pixel and the closest stitch.

We don't require perfect photographs to work from, just a few reference images and details on your vehicle. We then use our Automotive Design background and reference images to create a perfect side profile render of your vehicle, carefully selecting appropriate colours to best match you're vehicle.

C for Crafted

Hand crafted in high colour threads

When your vehicle is being translated into stitch we make sure we use the highest quality threads and brilliant colours to ensure the result is as beautiful as the original itself.

These are expertly crafted by our cross-stitch specialist (@stitchy_mumma) working to your personal pixel pattern to bring them to life. The final artwork is as beautiful on the back as it is viewed from the front! A true masterpiece.

Each piece is then uniquely numbered.

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C for Carsssss

Made by Car Fanatics for Car Fanatics

We are car nerds too, CforCROSSSTITCH was born in a desire to add to an ever growing collection of automotive art based around my own car, Old Red Riding Hood.

People who love cars, love to express this, and what could be more appropriately unique and quirky than an art piece commissioned in cross-stitch! It's just odd enough that it works.

So we know what it means to have the correct wheels, the right ride height, or match that colour as closely as possible. Or that little flash or stripe of colour. We know.